Match Racing

match race thessaloniki

match race thessaloniki

The match race is the simplest, fairest and most impressive form of racing sailing

Simple, because it is about only two boats that try to outrun one another
Fair, because the only thing that affects the outcome is sailing ability, the boats are identical and teams switch in them
Impressive, because it takes place near the shore so that spectators can follow, while the boats push for close calls...

The teaching boats are the Topaz Omega with three man crew and positions, Skiper, Mainsail trimmer, Jib - Spinnaker trimmer
The duration is 2 months, twice a week. It consist of match race tactics, practice and handling techniques.

The target is to create teams that will participate in the often in-club events.
The goal is the training to become on-going, which means with more practice and seminars the school will become a teaching platform tailored to the custom needs of the individual team.

Create your own teams and express your interest!