Sailing Time's SB20 in-club circuit, is an umpired fleet race series of events in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki.

6 weekend events through-out the season will take place to name the club's champion!

4 boats are provided by Sailing Time for 8 invited teams.

Our format is well thought off to maximise sailing time and minimise waiting time. In this way not only you enjoy racing but you have time and energy to explore our city afterwards.

8 Teams will be divided into two groups by draw.

The event consists of two stages Preliminaries and Finals. The first two teams of each group advance to the Finals.

Preliminaries take place on Saturday with a morning and afternoon group. Finals take place on Sunday, places 5-8 in the morning, places 1-4 in the afternoon.

Every group completes 4 races of about 30 minutes each.

The 2019 Dates are:

  1. 20-21 of April
  2. 18-19 of May
  3. 15-16 of June
  4. 21-22 of September
  5. 26-27 of October, may be extended to 28th
  6. 23-24 of November
Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece. It is famous for it's cuisine, it's museums, for it's cultural mixing and it's nightlife!

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Flight connections:

The event is sailed with SB20 boats.

The SB20 is a one-design class with gennaker.

The boat is an open keelboat with a high aspect ratio keel and a very high ballast ratio. The yacht is very stable, but also quite fast due to the substantial sail area. The SB20 is unique in that it does not allow hiking, using a small stainless steel bar to prevent hiking by the crew, this allows competitive crews of all shapes, sizes and ages.

The Notice of Race

The Sailing Instructions are posted prior to each event.

The entry fee is 320 euros per event per team.

There is a 15% discount for early registration, 1 month prior to each event.

There is a 20% discount for teams pre-entering 4 or more events.

Accommodation is provided for the first 2 visiting teams registered.

The total crew number is 3 or 4 max weight 270kgrs
Windward-Leeward with downwind gate 
Yes, always. It can be provided by us 
By email and full payment of the entry fee
Yes, an initial damage deposit of 150 euro will be paid on the event registration
Let us know, we may be able to find a team for you
  • Act 1 : 20-21 of April
    1. Team Orange
    2. Team Integrale
    3. Team Evam
    4. Team Xwind
    5. Team Shepherd
  • Act 2:  18-19 of May
    1. Team Nessapouliata
    2. Team Kalapotharakos
    3. Team Kazdaglis
    4. Team Evam
    5. Team Xwind
    6. Team Orange
    7. Team BGees
    8. Team Theios Lakis
  • Act 3 :15-16 of June

    1. Team Xwind
    2. Team Fighting Irish
    3. Team Orange
    4. Team Aegeas Yachting
  • Act 4 :21-22 of September

    1. Team Orange
    2. Team Shepherd
    3. Team Back to the Future
    4. Team Xwind
    5. Team EVAM
  • 26-27 of October, may be extended to 28th
  • 23-24 of November