• Introducing… dinghy sailing

  • Sailing accessible to anyone

  • Make sailing part of your life

  • Feel Free!!

  • Introducing Windsurfing

It's Sailing time

Learn how to sail in just 2 hours!
Make sailing a part of your life.

We are an innovative sailing school that aims to bring everyone back to the sea!

Sailing is a wonderful sport that
individually, with friends or with your family, now, you have the opportunity to meet

Take a chance, use the wind and escape to the sea!

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Second hand boats

Topper Sailboats official dealer        topper

Topaz  Uno :  2450€ + VAT 24%, new mainsail

Topper :  1900€ + VAT 24%, new mainsail

Topaz Magno : 4500€ , perfect condition (private owner)

Topaz Omega :  5850€ + VAT 24%, new mainsail, jib, gennaker

Topaz Xenon :  4500€ + VAT 24%

Taz: 1350€ + VAT 24%, new mainsail

Dart16 :  4850€ + VAT 24%, new mainsail, jib

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