2019 in-club SB20 circuit

After the successful in-club events of 2018, we thought we might take it a step further and have a series of events! Furthermore since we already had an international visit, Team Baklava, a Turkish team in our last event, why not invite teams from abroad, in an effort not only to make our in-club events more interesting but also to socialise, broaden our sailing horizons and why not our members return the visit to clubs abroad.

So some details about our racing format. Notice of Race link
We host small upwind-downwind races aprox. 30 minutes, with a downwind gate. Teams are divided into 2 groups (6 teams for 3 boats, or 8 teams for 4 boats). Best teams advance to the finals, others to petit finals. The event takes place over a weekend with 8 races each day, 4 for every group, morning and evening session. In this format, not only do we get maximum of racing time but  it is also less tiring for crews with no waiting time.
Boats are provided by our club, teams pay an entry fee and a damage deposit. All boats are in equal condition and are allocated by draw.
The level of competition varies from school members to yacht racers to ex-dinghy sailors. You will fit in!
Last but not least it takes place in Greece, sunny even at nights! 20 to 30 degrees Celcius and average 5-15 knots of breeze at the dates of the events.

Some details about our club. http://www.sailingtime.gr/en/
We are located in Thessaloniki Greece, near the city's airport. It is a highly commercial spot which means that is easily approachable by any means. We take pride in having a fresh look of the sport, open in new ideas and fun. Needless to speak of Greek hospitality.

Why SB20's?
We tried to bridge dinghy sailing with yacht racing and we found no better boat.
We also had to bridge teaching and racing and the boat stunned us.
It is easy to learn in, but also fast to sail. It remains easily under control in strong winds while overtaking bigger boats! It is not very big making it manageable both in and out of water, but also stable enough as a keelboat. It doesn't have unnecessary control systems which is good for teaching and simplicity but it doesn't lack any, which is good for competing and advanced tuning.
Finally we strongly believe that only one-design sailing can deliver that high level of emotions and personal sailing development.

Some words for our city. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki has a great cultural heritage founded in 315 BC and named after Alexander's the Great sister, with many and different museums. It has the biggest university campus in Greece, imagine the nightlife...! and unquestionably the best of Greece's cuisine with european and eastern influences. Finally it has us!
So take your pick as a reason for visiting... Sailing, Sightseeing, Fun, Gastronomy, Hospitality, Sun!

SB20 in club fleet race

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