Learn how to windsurf in your vacations in Thessaloniki

Greece is famous for its beautiful waters and sunny weather and this is all you need to learn how to windsurf!

In a 2-hour lesson you get a taste of windsurf sailing and if you are up to it you can complete the whole beginner course in 2 days. Your swimsuit and high spirit is all that is required!

Special boards have been designed taking into account the sailor's comfort and safety. Children, teenagers, youngsters, adults, and whole families, irrespective of their age, sex, built or level of fitness, have the opportunity to get to know the wonderful sport of sailing. At the same time, people already familiar with sailing will definitely jump at the chance to practice with their friends enjoying the perfect sailing conditions of Thermaikos gulf.

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Windsurf sunset in Thessaloniki


Using ISAF recommended equipment and following the strictest safety rules and the RYA guidelines, our experienced staff introduced hundreds satisfied visitors to the sailing experience.

Just interested in a sailing trip? We have a suggestion for that also!

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