Topaz 14


Topaz 14 Cat Sailing Dinghy

The Topaz 14 has been designed by two of the most legendary Olympic CAT sailors ever. Any Catamaran that Yves Loday and Rob White have been involved with is going to be seriously FAST. And the Topaz 14 certainly will not disappoint on this score. But it is it's accessibility and ease of control that is the real genius of this affordable cat. It is a great way for anybody even including lightweight or relatively inexperienced sailors to sail at very high speeds whilst remaining totally in control. 

The Topaz 14 enables beginners to learn to sail a catamaran at a much earlier age and is therefore an ideal choice for sailing schools and holiday companies,  Sunsail has 14 at their prestigious centre in Phokaia, Turkey from 2008.

Fast and fun yet exceptionally stable and forgiving.  The controls, from raising the mainsail and jib to handling the mainsheet loads are geared so that even young or lighter crew can handle them comfortably in up to a force 4-5

The rig, whilst providing ample power, has been developed so that it contains a high level of control even for novice crews.  In high winds, mainsail reefing comes as standard and a furling jib system can be fitted as an optional extra.  Then there is the ultimate upgrade for a turbo-powered ride you can add a fantastic 10m2 gennaker.


The Topaz 14 is also available in a special school version with smaller Dacron mail and jib


The Topaz 14 Xtreme is a single handed catamaran that provides exhilarating performance.  The Xtreme has a high aspect Mylar mainsail coupled with a 9.90m2 asymmetric gennaker plus a trapeze to take full advantage of the staggering amounts of power available.  The Topaz 14 Xtreme is a sublime creation ideally suited to a wide range of crew weights.


Why Topaz 14 Cat

  • Great value trapezing Catamaran which offers a great introduction to performance sailing.
  • Loday-White hull design means more sailing and less swimming.
  • Rig options to suit beginners, club racers and one or two crew.
  • Option of single or twin trapeze.
  • Reefing System for the Dacron and Mylar mainsail enables up to 20% reduction in sail area, meaning the boat can easily be sailed single-handed.
  • Extremely buoyant hulls to handle power and guarantee comfort.
  • Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape.
  • Jib furler is standard.
  • Sealed one piece mast for further capsize protection.
  • Much admired single-line gennaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries.
  • Fantastic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use.
  • Proven lifting rudder system is child's play.
  • Lightweight hull is easy to launch and recover.
  • TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.
  • Three year hull warranty.



Vital statistics

Length 4.25m
Beam 2.05m
Hull Weight 110kg
Construction TRILAM Polyethelene






  Topaz 14S Topaz 14C Topaz 14CX Topaz14Extreme
Sail Area 10.50m2 11.50m2 11.50m2ex spi 10.32m2
Main 8.55m2 9.55m2 9.55m2 10.32m2
Jib 1,95 m2 1,95 m2 1,95 m2 -
Spinnaker - - 10.00m2 10.00m2
Trapeze Single Twin Twin Single
Crew 1-2 1-2 1-2 1
Rig Dacron Dacron Dacron Mylar





Download the Topaz Cat Range brochure.

Download the TOPAZ 14 CAT brochure.

Download the TOPAZ 14 extreme test report.