Vibe Sailing Dinghy

The Topaz VIBE was voted BEST DINGHY and awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur Award at the PARIS BOAT SHOW.

The Vibe offers a great introduction to performance sailing. It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with the addition of a single trapeze. The Mylar mainsail area can be reduced by up to 20% using the innovative zip reefing system, meaning that the boat can be altered to suit virtual novices, club racers and even set up as a singlehander.

The Topaz Vibe's cleverly designed hull lines and beamy hull make it stable and secure whilst still offering a fast, fun adrenaline rush. Using the groundbreaking Topaz construction technology, the VIBE also boasts an ultra-robust hull that requires virtually no maintenance and at a fraction of the cost of any GRP equivalent. And it comes with a three-year hull warranty.

The spacious cockpit offers roomy and comfortable sailing and it's the perfect size for youngsters or adults. All in all, the Topaz Vibe makes a great value, high performance boat versatile enough for sailors of any level and age to use.

Fun for all.The NEW Vibe will undoubtedly appeal equally to hot shot youngsters, couples and parent & child combinations. The ideal weight combination falling between 12 stone and 24 stone. The really spacious cockpit and high boom and the all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantee a comfortable and stable platform for for all age groups.




Why Vibe

  • Great value hiking boat which offers a great introduction to performance sailing.
  • Rig options to suit beginners, club racers and one or two crew.
  • Extra WIDE BEAMY HULL to handle power and guarantee comfort.
  • CHINE TECHNOLOGY means the VIBE stays afloat when competitors capsize.
  • ZIP REEFING system for the Mylar mainsail enables up to 20% reduction in sail area, meaning the boat can easily be sailed singlehanded.
  • Spacious and well equipped cockpit.
  • Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape.
  • Additional built in buoyancy and high freeboard ensure perfect sailing without the boat taking on water or nose diving.
  • User friendly lightweight centreboard for super simple launching and retrieving.
  • Gnav system as standard means the size of the cockpit is even further optimised.
  • The flotation device, fitted at the head of the sail, removes the risk of total capsize.
  • Sealed one piece mast for further capsize protection.
  • Hinged mast step for easy rigging by just one person.
  • Much admired single-line gennaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries.
  • Fantatsic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use.
  • Proven, ultra strong floating foils.
  • Proven lifting rudder system is childs play.
  • Lightweight hull is easy to launch and recover.
  • Carefully designed combi trailer for an easy-life ashore.
  • TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.
  • Three year hull warranty.



Vital statistics

Length 3.76 m
Beam 1.60 m

Sail Areas

Sail Area ex spi 9.06 m2
Mainsail 6.85 m2
Jib 2.21 m2
Gennaker 8.41 m2
Hull 70 kg


Construction TRILAM Polyethelene
Centreboard GRP
Rudder GRP
Crew 1 - 2
Blocks Hi-Tech 1240
Mast Coated aluminium
Boom Coated aluminium




Download the Vibe brochure.

Download the Vibe test report.